Turmelle's Computer Science Classroom

AP Computer Science Principles

This course introduces students to the central ideas of computer science by developing computational thinking vital for success across multiple disciplines. The course's focus is on fostering students to be creative and encourageing student to apply creative processes when developing computational artifacts. CS Principles is an introductory, college-level computer science course.

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AP Computer Science A

Computer science embraces problem solving, hardware, algorithms, and perspectives that help people utilize computers to address real-world problems in comtemporary life. Students who take this course and exam are well prepared to continue their student of socmputer science and its integration into a wide array of computing and STEM-related fields.

Advanced Web Programming
(Dual Credit)

Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing and pass the AP Computer Science Exam with a score of 3 or better.

Advanced Web Programming (Catalog number - INEW 2434)
This course is a good choice for the student who enjoys the challenge of computer science and would like to continue to explore this discipline. PHP, XHTML, Java Script, and MySQL will be used to develop web-based programs.Students will acquire skills necessary to manage large data-based programs, being able to draw conclusions, and make decisions based on this data. Statistical analysis can now be employed as the student studies the data. All of their work will be accessible from their own website which they will manage. Successful students will earn 4 hours of transferable college credit from Dallas County Community College, El Centro.

2-D Animation II (Catalog number - ARTV 2430)
In the second semester of this course, the student will learn the basics of game programming. The student will learn to write interactive games, tutorials, and create movies that will be deployed on the web and on their Android phones. Successful students will earn 3 hours of transferable college credit from Dallas County Community College, El Centro.

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